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MAN Turkey began operations in 1966. It was MAN’s first production plant outside Germany and is currently the company’s largest integrated bus factory. MAN has multiplied its revenues in Turkey by 309 times in the past 15 years and has increased exports to 41 countries by nine times in the past decade.


MAN Turkey


The history of MAN in Turkey dates to the end of the 19th century. The company’s first transaction was for train and wagon exports in the 1870s.


MAN took a key decision in 1966 to establish MAN Turkey as the first production base outside Germany. Today, MAN Turkey has become the company’s largest bus production center.


Production at MAN in Turkey started with trucks in 1967 and continued with buses in 1968. Factory. The MANAŞ (MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Sanayi A.Ş.) partnership was established with the Ercanlar Company and MAN Truck & Bus and was followed by the MAN Engine Factory in 1981.


The MAN Engine factory was established in Ankara with the same partnership structure and also started bus production in 1985, while the MANAŞ factory in Istanbul focused solely on bus production. The first exports of MAN vehicles from Turkey was in 1981 to countries in the Middle East including as Egypt, Kuwait, Syria and Lebanon.


MAN Truck & Bus acquired complete administrative and industrial management of MANAŞ in 1995 and the engine factory was purchased in 1996. All bus production was transferred from Istanbul to Ankara, while all production facilities were incorporated in Ankara. Through the “Evolution 2004” project, in a bid to increase productivity, the factory reached capacity of 2,000 buses per year – production of one bus per 100 minutes – and industrial production started.


MAN Turkey developed the MAN and NEOPLAN branded intercity buses and coaches at its giant 317,000-square-meter production center in Akyurt, Ankara.


MAN Turkey completed its R&D center in 2012, which brought the design, test and analysis groups under a single roof. Numerous development projects have been implemented in the past two years lending strength to the company in the long-term competitive environment.


MAN Turkey’s investments and major developments in recent years have had an outstanding effect on quality and efficiency. The company decided that production of NEOPLAN – the world’s premium bus brand – will take place only at MAN Turkey’s plant in Ankara.


MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Ticaret A.Ş.


MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Ticaret A.Ş carries out sales and after-sales services for MAN-branded buses and trucks and NEOPLAN-branded buses. The company is continuously raising its level of success in sales and marketing activities through seven agencies across Turkey, a head office and sales offices in Istanbul and Konya. MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Ticaret A.Ş. strives to give the best after-sales service through 30 service centers and plaza buildings, in parallel with a growing market share and high customer satisfaction.


MAN Financial Services


Another MAN Group company in Turkey is MAN Finansman A.Ş, founded in late 2005 to provide financing for MAN and NEOPLAN marques and second-hand sales under the “TopUsed” brand.


MAN Finansman is rapidly pioneering a fast and rational credit system and is the seventh finance unit founded by MAN after similar companies in Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Austria.


As of 2015, MAN Group has a large network of subsidiaries and cooperations in 29 countries. MAN Finansman A.Ş. enables the MAN quality to be experienced at the most reasonable cost in the shortest possible time by offering flexible and customized financial solutions with a portfolio of EUR 195 million.


Some significant firsts by MAN in Turkey


1912: The historic Galata Bridge was constructed by MAN.

1966: A factory was established in Istanbul making it the first production plant outside of Germany.

1967: The first MAN-branded truck was rolled off the production line in Istanbul.

1981: MAN Turkey made its first exports.

1986: MAN manufactured the first articulated bus in Turkey.

1995: Production was incorporated in Akyurt facilities in Ankara.

1999: MAN manufactured the first long-distance bus with three axles in Turkey.

2006: MAN manufactured the first bus powered by natural gas in Turkey.

2010: MAN obtained R&D center certification.

2011: MAN opened the largest cathodic electro-painting plant in Europe.

2012: MAN opened its R&D center.

2014: Decision taken to produce all NEOPLAN models in Turkey.


MAN Holding


MAN Group is one of the leading commercial vehicle, engine and mechanical engineering companies in Europe, generating annual revenues of around EUR 14.3 billion and employing around 55,900 people globally. MAN is a supplier of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery and special gear units, with all corporate divisions holding leading market positions.


The group aims to grow profitably around the world in its two business areas – commercial vehicles and power engineering – and to increase the value of the company. Customer orientation, technology leadership, and the ongoing expansion of after-sales services are key to achieving these goals.


MAN Group's guiding principles create a framework for responsible conduct on the part of all MAN employees which is mandatory to uphold the principles of sustainability. MANS’s corporate values of reliability, innovation, dynamism and openness play a key role in its success on product markets and the capital market, as well as in attracting qualified employees, and in social acceptance of all business activities.