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President Erdoğan Announces Initial 100-Day Action Plan 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shared the first 100-Day Goal of the Presidential Cabinet. An intensive period of work in the field of industry and technology marked the beginning of the 100-day program. Various new projects will be launched for the first time, and some ongoing defense projects will see their timetables moved up.


Some of the areas of focus during the first 100-day action plan include energy, economy,

industry, foreign trade, environment and urbanization, defense, education, health, technology, tourism and agriculture, as well as public finance.


High technology projects and R&D efforts, including defense industry and space studies, will be given priority in the new period. High-technology platforms will be established, and protocols will be signed with funding corporations.


The announced program includes 400 projects with a total value of 46 billion Turkish Lira.


With the ambition to increase trade volumes, new trade centers will be opened in selected countries and cities. Turkey currently has five such centers abroad, and the new plan aims to increase this number to forty offices.


It also aims to establish a new generation of Free Zones and direct the existing Free Zones toward

value-added investments and exports.


Also, according to the plan, the “Trust Stamp in Electronic Commerce” system will be introduced to enhance security and service quality in e-commerce, an already booming industry in Turkey.

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