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Turkey’s developing economy offers lucrative investment opportunities in infrastructure via public private partnership (PPP) across a wide variety of sectors, including transportation, healthcare, and energy.


Turkey has a strong case for investment in infrastructure:


  • The Turkish economy exhibits a robust annual GDP growth rate of 5.7%.
  • Turkeys 81-million strong population is growing by an additional 1 million every year; coupled with a rapid urbanization process, this has resulted in more than 20 urban centers with populations over 1 million.
  • Turkeys growing trade volume and strategic location compels the country to develop its infrastructure.
  • Turkey has implemented USD 135 billion worth of PPP projects in a variety of sectors.
  • Turkey has set ambitious targets to upgrade its infrastructure by 2023, the centennial of the Republic of Turkey.
  • From transportation to healthcare to energy, ample opportunities are available in the pipeline.
  • Turkey has a favorable investment legislation for PPP investments that can be realized through various models, such as build-operate, build-operate-transfer, transfer of operational rights, etc.
  • Turkeys investment climate is further strengthened by domestic and international laws that protect investments and provide international arbitration.
  • Turkeys macroeconomic policies, investments, and more importantly, strong public finance management, support PPP investments that require guaranteed purchase.