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GE imagines, builds and delivers outcomes that make the world work better by uniting the physical and digital worlds. In GE’s labs and factories and on the ground with its customers, GE is inventing the next industrial era to solve the world’s toughest challenges. The company is active in 175 countries and employs some 305,000 people worldwide.


GE has been powering, improving and constructing with its activities in Turkey for more than 65 years. Since its entry into the Turkish market in 1948, GE has expanded through the formation of strong partnerships, invested in innovation, technology and local capacity, and solved the country’s hardest technological problems, such as reliable electricity, healthcare and transportation.


GE is headquartered in Istanbul and has facilities in four cities staffed by 800 employees, of whom more than one-third are women.


History of GE Turkey


1948: GE became one of the first foreign industrial ventures in Turkey when it established a light bulb factory in cooperation with the Koç Group.

1985: Tusas Engine Industries (46% GE), a high-technology investment in cooperation with the Turkish government. The enterprise, which is the foundation of Turkey’s aircraft engine industry, is now a world-class facility that employs 1,500 people.

2000: Marmara Technology Center (100% GE) is an aircraft engineering technology center for construction and control technologies located at the TUBITAK campus at Gebze.

2007: An engineering agreement signed between Turkey Technology Center (TTC), Tusas Engine Industries (TEI) and GE MTC, which focuses on R&D, design and development of new technologies for aircraft engines.

2007: GE invested in Gama Energy (50% GE), which is an investment to grow through the construction and use of energy assets. In 2014, General Electric sold its shares in Gama Energy to GAMA Holding. GE and GAMA will continue to pursue new opportunities to invest together.

2008: GE Healthcare’s Eastern and Africa Growth Markets (EAGM) region selected Turkey for its headquarters.

2008: The TULOMSAS Strategic Partnership – a memorandum of understanding signed by GE Transportation and TULOMSAS – was established to supply GE’s PowerHaul™ series locomotives manufactured in Eskisehir.

2010: The partnership agreement between Tusas Engine Industries Inc.’s (TEI) Turkish partners, Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI), the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF), the Turkish Aeronautical Association (TAA) and GE on January 10, 1985 was extended for another 25 years.

2011: The TULOMSAS Strategic Partnership completed the assembly of the first locomotive in Eskisehir.

2011: ENKA Energy invested in GE’s fuel-saving technology for gas turbines in order to supply energy to its three facilities in Adapazari, Izmit and Gebze.

2011: GE and Turkish project development company, MetCap Energy Investments, announced their plans to develop the first integrated renewables combined-cycle power plant in the world based on GE’s new FlexEfficiency* 50 technology.

2012: The Repair Development Center, established in 2012 in a joint initiative between Tusas Engine Industries (TEI) and GE Aviation, was inaugurated to help better serve the aviation and energy industry in Gebze.

2014: GE’s sole Aviation Coating Primary Laboratory was opened at TTC to focus on R&D into new testing methods, which will enable aircraft engine parts to complete their projected lifecycle seamlessly for the Aviation Supply Chain.

2014: GE Turkey opened the GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Service Center in Istanbul, making it the maintenance hub for the Middle East.

2015: The GE Turkey Innovation Center opened in TeknoPark Istanbul and will be an interactive space where diverse ideas and people are encouraged, nurtured, and connected to the wider innovation ecosystem across the country.


GE Turkey in figures


  • Every two minutes, an airplane equipped with parts manufactured in Eskisehir takes off in the world.
  • GE/CFM engines power more than 60 percent of all airplanes in Turkey.
  • One-quarter of the total power production in Turkey is generated through GE's cutting-edge technology gas/wind turbines or biogas engines.
  • More than 15,000 GE Healthcare technologies help doctors and patients every day.
  • Strategically, Turkey serves as the headquarters for GE Healthcare’s 84-country emerging markets region – Eastern & Africa Growth Markets (EAGM).
  • Today, nearly 300 skilled Turkish engineers work in the Turkey Technology Center (TTC) in Gebze, where they carry out design, research and development – a quarter of these engineers are women.
  • TTC achieved an impressive 300 percent growth in the past five years and to date 2.5 million engineering hours have been generated as a solid achievement for Turkey’s aviation sector know-how. GE offers more than 1,000 types of energy-saving bulbs, illumination and LED systems to meet the demanding requirements of the local market.