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Microsoft Turkey started its journey in 1993 with six pioneers towards the vision of “a growing Turkey through IT technologies”, and today it is currently continuing along this journey with around 400 employees. Microsoft Turkey, also the center of Microsoft MEA (Middle East and Africa) composed of 79 countries, makes significant contributions to the country’s productivity and employment with a ecosystem consisting of more than 11,000 business partners.


Microsoft believes that Turkey should be among the most attractive places for investors in the IT sector. Acting with the aim of being transformed into a society that produces with informatics rather than consuming it, Microsoft Turkey carries out many projects and investments.


Microsoft Turkey is in a special position with its activities that are carefully monitored by Microsoft on a global scale. Following a visit by Microsoft Corporation’s Chairman Bill Gates in 2006, Microsoft Turkey was observed as one of the five country offices with the biggest potential in the world in 2007.


In 2007, Microsoft Corporation's Senior Vice President Jean-Philippe Courtois' message which reads, "Microsoft Loves and Believes in Turkey and Turkey Loves and Believes in Microsoft" was communicated via advertisements in Israel, Russia, Spain, India, Germany, France, USA, and many more countries with developed economies, in cooperation with the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT), and investors were invited to Turkey.


Having displayed an extraordinary performance between 2010 and 2012 in developing markets, Microsoft Turkey left behind the countries in the world such as China, Brazil and Russia, and was selected thrice as the “Country of the Year” in the past four years. The success also displayed the potential of Turkey, and proved the entire Microsoft society of 40 thousand people that Microsoft Turkey employees have been working devotedly for Turkey's further growth and development. Microsoft Turkey deserved this award with its superior performance in the fields of customer and employee satisfaction, added-value created for the economy, market acceleration, and good corporate citizenship.


The evaluation, held on the basis of criteria such as fast growth rates, corporate and SME customer satisfaction indexes, effective strategies developed, customer satisfaction, and contributions to the development of the country's IT sector and economy, is the biggest indicator of the importance attached by Microsoft Turkey to the country's target of becoming one of the top ten largest economies in the world by 2023. The major advantage of being selected as the "Country of the Year" is that more sources will be transferred to Turkey.


Microsoft Turkey offers peer-to-peer solutions to companies at a corporate level, which increase their efficiency and competitive power through informatics. It strives to ensure widespread use of technology in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It travels across Turkey to tell SMEs the importance of technology, how it should be used and how the enterprises may increase their competitive power and sustainability through these solutions, thus contributing to the strengthening of these SMEs in the EU adaptation process.


In addition to offering solutions to corporations, the Microsoft Turkey ecosystem grows through the strength, know-how and experience of Microsoft. According to global research conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) in 2007, Microsoft, with its innovative technologies and software, is providing TRY 14,75 of local value-added turnover to its business partners per each TRY 1 turnover it creates in the country. More than 150,000  people in Turkey are employed in businesses related to Microsoft technologies.


In addition to enabling individuals and corporations to grow by competing with the power of informatics, Microsoft Turkey also encourages new business fields.


Microsoft Turkey started its efforts in bringing EUGA (European Union Grants Advisor), an initiative to introduce to SMEs the funds allocated to make Europe a society of information that was created as part of the Lisbon Agenda in 2000 by the European Union.


Thanks to its successful programs in human resources, Microsoft was one of the top ten companies to work with in Europe in 2006, and was also cited as "The Best Workplace" in Turkey and in the region based on research by Hewitt Associates. In 2013, Microsoft Turkey was named the “Best Company of the Year” in Turkey, by the Great Place to Work organization. Microsoft EMEA and Corporation Human Resources Directors visited the Turkish office and observed many activities as “Best Practices” to be used as examples for other Microsoft offices in other countries.


Today, with regard to human resources applications, Microsoft Turkey maintains its position on the list of the "Best Companies" prepared by Capital magazine along with several other publications.


Being a successful corporate citizen in Turkey with its presence in the social responsibility area, Microsoft Turkey significantly contributes to various projects. Within this framework, it makes the utmost effort to increase computer literacy and ensure that the entire society can benefit from the advantages of informatics.


Launched in January 2011, the Open Academy is Turkey's first and only public, online, free-of-charge, and Turkish application development school. Channeling young and dynamic IT users of Turkey to become application developers, the Open Academy was created in order to increase the number of application developers Turkey requires, and to expand the application market, thus supporting employment of young people. There are three different levels of education in the Open Academy, and those who want to start developing application and/or software training, or those who professionally develop applications may benefit from it. The Open Academy trainees can develop applications and software for Microsoft platforms that appeal to millions of people. Students who have successfully completed the levels are entitled to receive a participation certificate. The number of entrants to the Open Academy has already exceeded 130,000. Meanwhile, the number of graduates from the Open Academy has reached 3,000 so far. The Open Academy, having already surpassed the number of students in many universities in Turkey, has transformed into a giant campus and is continuing to grow.


Microsoft has launched a new global initiative called Microsoft YouthSpark, which aims to create opportunities for 300 million young people over the next three years in more than 100 countries including Turkey. Under the umbrella of Microsoft YouthSpark, a number of global programs have been put into practice to allow young people to get better education, implement their ideas, and make more use of the opportunities offered by technology.


Within the scope of the project entitled “Those Who Know Computer Teach Those Who Do Not Know”, another project of Microsoft Turkey for young people, training is given to 150,000 people in 79 cities by 1,200 trainers. To date, 25 Informatics Academies have been opened in Turkey and currently offer these services. 1,500 children in 800 families have been given information regarding safe internet use within the scope of Family Seminars in Information Society.


In addition, Microsoft Turkey organizes NGO meetings with the participation of more than 70 nongovernmental organizations and donates software to over 50 foundations and associations under the software donation program. It also donates software to many universities. Microsoft Turkey also runs a comprehensive program with the Ministry of Education (MEB) in order to increase computer literacy for thousands of teachers as part of the Innovative Teacher Project. Under the project, more than 550,000 teachers have been enrolled in the MEB database.


Microsoft Turkey also works for the development of the local IT economy and entrepreneur economy. The Microsoft Innovation Center, which was inaugurated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in 2009, has a very special position among other centers in the world. One of the four R&D centers of Microsoft in Europe was commissioned by Koc University in Turkey in 2011. In addition, application and software developers that develop games are supported in Turkey, within the scope of a joint project carried out with ATOM in 2012.


Microsoft Turkey also supports Turkish youth with technologies that help them accomplish their real potential, as well as their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit with programs such as BizSpark, DreamSpark, and WebsiteSpark. Within this scope, 550 entrepreneurial software companies and 1,200 software developer members have been supported through the BizSpark program, while 460 web design houses and 850 web designer members have been supported through the WebsiteSpark program.


Microsoft Turkey is committed to meeting the responsibilities of a corporate citizen by completing various projects with the objective of ensuring increased and widespread computer usage, bridging the digital divide, offering equal opportunities for all citizens, and making sure that SMEs make more use of technological opportunities for a more effective resource management and competition.