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The collaboration between Turkey and Siemens started with the Ottoman Empire’s decision to bring the telegraph system to the country in the mid-1800s. Siemens Halske, implemented the first Siemens project in Turkey by establishing the Istanbul Telegraph Centre for this mission. In 1881, Siemens established the first telephone lines in Istanbul. Siemens’ investments continued during the following years and construction of the telephone infrastructure continued even in times of war.


Siemens made electricity a part of city life. After Salonika and Izmir, Istanbul was the third city to have an electricity network in 1914. By the end of 1920, the number of households connected to the grid numbered 2,055, and electricity started to be used for street lighting. Turkish society has been enjoying services such as electricity, telephone and telegraph communication and street lighting provided by Siemens. The presence of Siemens in the field of telecommunications in Turkey started with the telex project realized with PTT in 1950s, which was completed in 1960.


Siemens contributed to Turkey’s development process by establishing Simko in partnership with the Koc Group in 1959. By 1961 Simko had already set up its first factory in Kartal, Istanbul. From then on, the company’s fast growth contributed significantly to Turkey’s rapid industrialization.


During the 1980s, Siemens in Turkey underwent major changes, as did Turkey itself. Volkswagen Electricity Systems and Osram Ampoule were founded. In the 1990s, Siemens Nixdorf Computer Systems and Siemens Home Appliances (SHA) were founded; SHA acquired 66 percent of PEG Profilo in 1995. Siemens System Services and Siemens Financial Renting merged in 1997. Three new companies, namely Masterguard Power Sources, Siemens Fiber Optic Cables and Siemens Automotive, were founded, while Siemens Nixdorf became Fujitsu Siemens Computer Systems.


In 1986, Siemens laid fiber optic cable on the Bosphorus Bridge. In 1990, Siemens became one of the strongest infrastructure providers of the GSM industry of Turkey. In the same year, Siemens also obtained the first ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certificate in Turkey, and ecofriendly practices of Siemens were certified with the ISO Environmental Award in 1995.


In 2001, all Simko shares were acquired by Siemens, and its name became Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. Siemens, represented by Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. in Turkey, continues its activities in Kartal, Istanbul on a 90,000 squaremeters of area, with a closed site of 63,000 squaremeters. Siemens has been the first to introduce many innovative technologies in the fields of electricity, electronics and electrotechnics in Turkey.


Using its experience and knowledge gained in 160 years in Turkey, Siemens is a corporate entity that develops complete solutions and addresses the needs of its customers from a single source. The company develops solutions in the energy, infrastructure, electrification, automation, digitalization and healthcare sectors in Turkey. In line with its plans for growth in Turkey, the company invested in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone for production geared towards the energy sector. Commissioned in 2009, the new plant in Gebze is located on 150,000 squaremeters of area and is among the most modern in Europe.


The Siemens Gebze facilities are the first in Turkey to be certified with the LEED Gold standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They take measures for ensuring efficient use of natural energy sources, cost savings and a healthy working environment.


Moreover in 2011, Siemens opened its 14th R&D center in the world in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. The center’s field of activities includes energy transmission automation systems, power generation management systems, industrial automation panels, and building automation systems.


The company’s exports to a wide geographical region from the Middle East to the Far East partly comprise high- and medium-tension boards. Circuit breakers are exported to five continents, while automation products are exported to three continents.


Siemens Turkey continues carrying on many important activities in a highly comprehensive field with energy, transportation systems, healthcare investments, heavy industry and modernization practices.