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Facts and Figures
Living in Turkey
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What is the duration of paid annual leave under Turkish Labor Law?
What is the duration of holiday and other leave?
What is the duration of weekly overtime work and what are the overtime wages?
If the 45-hour quota per week is not met, is it possible to distribute the remaining work hours in the following weeks?
What is night-time work according to Turkish Labor Law?
What is the general structure of the Turkish education system?
Are there any international schools in Turkey that provide education for foreign nationals?
Which organizations carry out non-academic education and training activities in Turkey?
What kind of services does the Turkish Employment Organization (ISKUR) offer?
What is the official policy of the government regarding vocational education?
What is the private sector’s role in vocational education and training?
Can all foreign nationals acquire real estate property in Turkey?
Is free land allocation available in every Free Zone and Organized Industrial Zone?
How are the Free Zones compared with the Organized Industrial Zones when an investment location is chosen?
Under which conditions can the land allocated to investors be confiscated by the OIZ?
Which documents are required to establish a company in Turkey?
Are loans from Turkish banks easily accessible? Is there a cash subsidy program?
Are there any restrictions on the transfer of dividends? What is the withholding tax on the transfer of dividends?
What are the main elements that contribute to the current account deficit in Turkey?
What are the main reasons behind the increase of FDI in Turkey in the last 6 years?
Which sectors in Turkey are not accessible or are partially accessible by foreign investors?
What is the estimated size of the Turkish financial market?
How many banks are currently operating in Turkey?
Where does the finance sector stand in the overall FDI picture?
What are the regulatory bodies in the financial sector?
Is there a specific permission/authorization process when investing in the Turkish financial sector?
What steps has the Turkish government taken, or is due to take, to ensure that the financial system complies with international standards?
What are the declared policies of the government for attracting foreign investment to the financial sector?
What are the latest figures regarding the machinery and accessories industry in Turkey?
What are the export figures of the machinery industry?
Are there any special incentives to encourage investment in the machinery sector?
Are there any industry boards and/or regulatory bodies in the machinery sector that an investor can/should contact?
What is the size of the ICT market in Turkey?
What are the foreign trade figures for the ICT sector?
What are the growth projections of the Turkish Software Industry?
What are the expectations for the future of the ICT industry in Turkey?
What are the figures regarding Internet usage and IT hardware spending in Turkey?
Which raw materials is the Turkish petrochemical industry able to produce? What are the production figures?
What makes Turkey’s petrochemical industry attractive to investors?
What can Turkey offer investors in the food processing industry?
What makes Turkey a major source of renewable energy?
What is Turkey's primary energy policy in the light of its rising energy requirements?
What can be expected of Turkey’s participation in energy pipeline projects such as Nabucco and South Stream?
What are the incentives provided in the “Renewable Energy Resources Law for the Purpose of Generating Electricity”?
What is the investment policy regarding Turkey's infrastructure of the future? What major infrastructural facilities have been privatized until now?
What makes Turkey different in terms of transportation and logistic capabilities compared with other countries in the region?
What measures is the Turkish government taking to improve the country’s transportation network?
What are the advantages of logistic centers?
What about the pipeline network and pipeline operations in Turkey?
What are the latest revenue figures in the Turkish tourism sector?
What are the regulatory bodies in the tourism sector?
Are there any specific permission/authorization requirements regarding investments in the tourism sector?
What are the future projections for the tourism sector in Turkey?
What kinds of incentives are granted to investors in the tourism sector?
Which international organizations does Turkey hold membership of?