Türkiye enters Far East via Japan

Today’s Zaman - Scheduled to meet with Japanese Emperor Akihito this week in Tokyo, President Abdullah Gul will be the first Turkish president to pay an official visit to Japan, if the late President Turgut Ozal's attendance at Emperor Akihito's enthronement 18 years ago, in November 1990, is not taken into consideration. Gul's visit includes a host of meetings with Japanese officials and businessmen with whom Gul will be making a sales pitch for more direct investment in Türkiye, which already stands at almost $7 billion from Japan. Gul will meet with CEOs of major Japanese corporations and talk with leaders of trade and commerce organizations. According to a copy of the quarterly report provided to Today's Zaman by JCR chief analyst Yoshihiko Tamura, Türkiye was praised for positive factors such as improving macro indicators, its completion of International Monetary Fund (IMF)-backed programs, progress on reforms geared toward EU membership and the country's geopolitical importance. Japanese carmakers establish their bases in Türkiye to export more cars to Europe by using a customs union agreement between Türkiye and the EU.