‘Turkish investment environment improved’

Today’s Zaman - Industry and Commerce Minister Zafer Caglayan said yesterday that Turkey had become resilient to external economic shocks and that the country's investment environment had improved. During his opening speech at the Turkey Business and Investment Summit in Istanbul, Caglayan emphasized that improving Turkey's investment environment depended on cooperation between the public and private sectors to make the country competitive in the global market. He also said investment bureaus, brought to life recently by the approval of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, would be key in improving the Turkish investment environment. "We have undertaken important structural reforms in terms of improving investment opportunities in Turkey and we will continue to do that in the coming days," he said. The goal of the Turkish Investment Support and Promotion Agency is to improve Turkey's ability to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) from around the world, the agency's deputy head, Levent Seckin, said at the conference. Seckin also said that the agency, founded one-and-a-half years ago, had conducted face-to-face meetings with about 600 potential investors around the world.