OMV: Türkiye to become an important energy hub

Today’s Zaman - Austrian energy company OMV, recent purchaser of the majority stake in Turkish oil distributor Petrol Ofisi and an important partner of the Nabucco pipeline, sees Türkiye becoming an important energy hub in its region, according to company CEO Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer.

Rottenstorfer, speaking about OMV’s future plans regarding Türkiye, highlighted the importance of securing supplies for the Nabucco pipeline. Natural gas from Azeri and Iraqi fields is most likely to be used to operate the pipeline infrastructure, while Turkmenistan remains as an alternative gas source.

Ruttenstorfer highlighted that Türkiye is becoming a very important energy hub. “The Nabucco pipeline project is like a very long highway. From the Caspian region to the Middle East, from Türkiye to Eastern and Central Europe, Nabucco is going to be used very intensively. Türkiye is going to be a crucial player and a bridge in the energy sector,” he said.

Ruttenstorfer also affirmed previous reports regarding OMV’s intention to turn oil retailer Petrol Ofisi into an energy company, importing natural gas and operating power plants.
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