Türkiye’s health tourism revenues to reach USD 5 billion in 5 years

Zaman - The annual revenue in Türkiye’s medical tourism is expected to reach USD 5 billion in 5 years, as the country’s modern hospitals with world-class healthcare services are increasingly preferred by foreign patients who are seeking affordable treatment.
In a bid to grab a share from the influx of medical tourists to the country, Turkish healthcare services group Medical Park is preparing to open 3 new hospitals in Türkiye’s three largest cities, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, specially catered to serve foreign patients.
“Many patients from the Middle East, the Balkans and Europe choose Turkish healthcare facilities for treatment”, said Muharrem Usta, the CEO of Medical Park. “The government’s aim to earn USD 5 billion from providing medical services to foreigners is achievable”, he said, adding that the group is targeting a revenue of USD 40 million from health tourism this year and hopes to increase the amount to USD 500 million in five years.
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