Government sets forth action plan to tackle unregistered economy

Today’s Zaman - The action plan against the unregistered economy, which the government developed with an aim of bringing the unregistered economy under control and eliminating it within next two years, was published in the Official Gazette. Some of the vital measures to be implemented: - A series of regulations will be passed with the aim of combating tax evasion. - A common electronic document system will be established. With this system, sales documents other than receipts, such as travel tickets, will be created in an electronic environment, and these documents will be preserved and registered for a specified period of time. - Fines for companies employing unregistered employees will increase, and files will be submitted to criminal courts against individuals and companies blocking investigative activities. - Employers will be compelled to pay the salaries of their workers through bank accounts. In this way, workers will be registered and unregistered employment will decline.