Türkiye cooperates with DHL to encourage investors

Today’s Zaman - The Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) has organized a promotion campaign in cooperation with DHL, an international logistics and express transportation company, to draw the attention of foreign investors to Türkiye and increase foreign investment. The campaign was announced in Istanbul yesterday at a press conference. ISPAT President Alpaslan Korkmaz and DHL Express Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye Director Michel Akavi provided details about the promotion campaign, called "Investors Love Türkiye, Türkiye Love Investors." According to the information provided at the meeting, the campaign will continue for one year and will be carried out in three steps. As of today, DHL will start to deliver packages and parcels out of Türkiye with stickers that say "Investors Love Türkiye, Türkiye Love Investors," aiming to reach 150,000 people monthly. The second step is planned to start by September. DHL trucks used in international transportation will be decorated with the same stickers and banners. In the third step, ISPAT and DHL will organize a tour for foreign journalists to promote Türkiye.