Private investments in Turkish energy reach USD 5.3 billion

Today’s Zaman - Turkey’s Energy Market Regulator Agency (EMRA) President Hasan Koktas said the country has become an energy production site on the back of private sector investments, the total of which has reached 3,200 MW.

On Monday Koktas announced improvements in the energy sector during a visit to Izmir, where he examined Dost Enerji's wind farm in the district of Urla, Bilgin Enerji's wind farm in Bergama and the Izmirgaz, Egegaz and Petkim facilities in Izmir. He said that private sector investments produced 2,800 MW in 2009 and surpassed this amount to reach 3,200 MW in the first ten months of this year. Koktas said the private sector invested in the energy sector despite having no guarantee that the energy produced would be purchased.

“The private sector has produced an additional 6,000 MW of energy in the last two years. In order to understand the importance of this number, we should look at Ataturk Dam, which produces 2,400 MW of energy per year. The private sector constructs enough energy facilities every year to produce far more energy than Ataturk Dam in the same time period," said Koktas. Koktas also stated that the value of the private sector's investment in the energy sector, including ongoing and completed investments, reached TRY 7.5 billion (approx. USD 5.3 billion) this year alone. He added that the investments neared TRY 15 billion in the last two years, and that next year's investments will be no less than in previous years.
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