Türkiye, shining star of health tourism

Zaman – Ayrintili Haber – Dr. Mahir Turan, General Manager of Medical Park Goztepe Health Complex, also the owner of Türkiye’s first private cancer hospital, said the real growth in the health tourism sector will be seen over the next three years and added, “In the past, foreign patients used to prefer Türkiye due to lower costs, whereas now they prefer the country due to its high quality.” Meanwhile, in a bid to certify that they provide health services in world standards, the health facilities in Türkiye are getting increasingly focused on certificates that demonstrate their competence. Private Sema Hospital, the last to join this trend, has been awarded Joint Commission International (JCI), an international accredited certificate. Having fulfilled 1,200 of the organization’s criteria and having got a grade of nearly 100 percent, the hospital has achieved the highest grade among the 30 hospitals that have become entitled to obtain the certificate. Sema Hospital, focused on health tourism, plans to bring in a total of 5,000 patients, in particular from Europe, by 2010, earning EUR 15 million from the medical treatment.