2011 to see nearly TRY 7 billion investment in energy market

Today’s Zaman - Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Hasan Koktas has said a total of TRY 6.8 billion will be invested in Turkey's electricity and natural gas sector this year.

During a press conference at the agency's headquarters in Ankara on Monday, Koktas said TRY 5.8 billion of that amount will be funded by private interests, while the remaining TRY 1 billion will be invested by the government.

“In no other country would the private sector make this level of investment without being provided with a certain set of guarantees. Here, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the private sector in Turkey will be investing TRY 5.8 billion without any guarantees, bearing the risk on their own,” he said, stressing the profitability of the Turkish energy market.

Koktas said that for the first time in Turkey's history, over half the share of energy investments will go toward renewable energy generation.
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