Istanbul shopping festival to create employment, attract tourists

Zaman - Turkey’s financial capital is preparing to add an international shopping event to its countless tourist attractions, thanks to its 93 and ever-increasing shopping malls. Home to a large number of sightseeing venues and tourist attractions, the “Istanbul Shopping Fest”, set to take place between March 18 and April 26, is sure to add the city to many fashion followers’ travel plans. The event, also dubbed “40 Days and Nights of Shopping”, will create employment opportunities for some 50,000 people. Shopping centers and stores participating in the event will be open until late into the night and will have special discounts and sales.

One of the organizers of the country’s first ever shopping festival, the United Brands Association (BMD) President Yilmaz Yilmaz, said the increasing number of shopping malls in the city, expected to reach 140 in the next four years, could turn Istanbul into a regional shopping center and a brand in itself. “The promotional activities of the Istanbul Shopping Fest are already underway in 83 countries,” said Yilmaz, adding that the event will increase the number of tourists visiting the city.

“The event aims to help reach Istanbul’s goal of 10 million foreign visitors,” said the President of the Trade Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers (AMPD) Mehmet Nane.
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