Intel considering setting up a R&D lab in Turkey

Zaman – The world’s largest semiconductor company is planning to establish a research and development (R&D) center in Turkey as part of its bid to participate in the country’s high-tech education initiative, Fatih Project.

“Intel prefers to take part in the software aspect of the project, cooperating with local companies to bring in high-tech know-how into Turkey. We are developing different types of direct investment projects.. ”, Intel’s Vice President Thomas Kilroy said in an interview with the Turkish press.

“The establishment of a R&D lab in Turkey to work on the application of technology for educational purposes is on our agenda. Optimizing and developing the software that would work on the hardware is critical..”, Kilroy said, adding that Intel was looking at its options in this regard and not hardware production. The tech giant cooperates with several Turkish universities, contributing to various projects with funding and equipment as well as helping to establish R&D centers.

To be put into practice in all over Turkey, the multi-billion dollar Fatih Project will enable millions of primary education students, 600,000 classrooms and 40,000 schools to be equipped with the latest IT technologies including tablet PCs, smart boards, and other state-of-the-art devices. Turkey requires local contribution to the Fatih Project in the tender specification.

Image of Fatih Project
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