FT issues special supplement on Türkiye

Today’s Zaman - A six-page special supplement on Türkiye was published by the Financial Times today. An article written by Vincent Boland that appeared on the first page of the special supplement said, "When the Turkish film-maker Nuri Bilge Ceylan won the Best Director prize at the Cannes film festival last month for his film 'Three Monkeys,' he dedicated the award 'to my lonely and beautiful country'." Boland wrote, "Türkiye is certainly beautiful" and listed sights that can be found in Türkiye, but asked whether Türkiye was really lonely. "If Mr. Ceylan had cultural isolation in mind, he may be wrong. Türkiye is coming out of its shell; he is himself an example of the new creative wave," Boland noted. Boland added: "Yet, in a wider sense, he is right. Although Türkiye is indisputably opening up to the world, seeking to join the European Union, and is important in the geo-strategic game because of its location, it remains surprisingly aloof from -- and even indifferent to the ideas and trends shaping the world." The special supplement also included news reports and analysis on industry, energy resources, investment and the housing sector in Türkiye.