Lehman Brothers: “We are here even though an earthquake is on the way”

Today’s Zaman - Jeremy Isaacs (R), Lehman Brothers Europe and Asia CEO and Turkey CEO Uzay Kozak shake hand as they celebrate the opening of Turkey office. Lehman Brothers, a leading global investment bank, has predicted that Turkey's Constitutional Court will likely rule in favor of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in a closure case filed by the country's chief public prosecutor in March. The report was given to press members in a meeting yesterday in Istanbul to celebrate the opening of the Lehman Brothers' Turkey office. The company had purchased Turkey's MNG Investment in September 2007. Establishing a strong presence in Turkey was part of their grand strategy pertaining to emerging markets said Jeremy Isaacs, the head of Lehman Brothers Europe and Asia. Uzay Kozak, the head of the company's Turkey operation, also made a speech, stressing the company’s commitment to evaluate any investment opportunity within Turkey by establishing 'suitable partnerships'. "We will continue to provide service to our clients in the public and private domains by offering unique perspectives in this intensely competitive market," said Kozak.