Airbus supply contracts to create 2500 jobs in Türkiye

Zaman – Turkish aerospace companies play an increasingly vital role in Airbus’ civilian and military projects, supplying aircraft parts and components to the European aircraft manufacturer. Joint investments by Airbus and its subcontractors in Türkiye will total USD 2.4 billion, creating some 2,500 jobs in Türkiye’s aerospace sector until 2025.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), a supplier for Airbus since 1988, produces body panels for the A320 family in its plant in Ankara and began supplying the new A350 with ailerons of its own design and manufacture. The sole supplier for both parts, TAI is also active in the A400M project and responsible for the manufacturing of various fuselage parts and other components for the military transport aircraft.

Another Turkish company, Kale Aero produces auxiliary fuel tank walls for A320s in Istanbul, which are then assembled by the German aerospace company PFW’s Turkish division. PWF Türkiye also assembles structural components of the A320 family in its Izmir plant.

Turkish airline companies fly over 180 Airbus passenger and cargo aircraft.

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