Japanese consider investing in Turkish pharmaceutical sector

Zaman – The Turkish pharmaceutical market, with an annual volume of USD 10 billion, has drawn the attention of Japanese investors, in addition to European and US companies. The Japanese pharmaceutical giants are investing in Turkey one after another. Japan’s two largest pharmaceutical companies have already started to operate in Turkey. The first of these is Astellas, the world’s 20th largest pharmaceutical company, with an annual turnover of EUR 6 billion, whereas the other is Daiichi Sankyo, with an annual turnover of EUR 5.5 billion. Both companies are planning to make a R&D investment in Turkey, to which they attach great importance. Ken Jones, EMRA CEO of Astellas, said, “Turkey has the 6th largest pharmaceutical market of Europe, and it will rank in the top ten list of the world soon. Everybody would like to be a player in such a lucrative market. Meanwhile, Ilker Ozbay, CEO of Daiichi Sankyo Turkey, said, “Turkey is an ideal country for R&D investments. Japanese investors totally agree with this. We are considering establishing a R&D center in Turkey within five years. We can also realize this investment by acquiring a local company in Turkey, which may include an acquisition of a production facility.”