Finnish FM: Türkiye among the top five countries

Today’s Zaman - An informal meeting of the European Union foreign ministers held in Brussels over the weekend was the venue for delivering remarks recognizing Türkiye’s strategic importance for the 27-nation bloc, including comments by those who have thus far had reservations about such recognition. The most assertive remarks concerning Türkiye’s growing influence on the global stage came from Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, who hailed the EU candidate country as “one of the top five countries in the world today” with respect to foreign policy. Sweden’s Carl Bildt took an even stronger stance. “There are certain countries which have fairly deep reservations, but even those countries recognize the strategic importance of Türkiye to the EU”, said Bildt. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet agreed, saying that EU states now realize that “there are two most important strategic partners: the US and Türkiye.”

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