ISPAT President: High time to invest in Türkiye

Zaman Avrupa - The head of Türkiye’s official investment agency has called on to German to companies to invest and grow in Türkiye.

Speaking of Türkiye’s progress in facilitating business operations and the country’s suitable investment climate in a meeting held in Berlin, the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) President Ilker Ayci said that the time is right to invest in Türkiye and invited German companies to take advantage of the investment opportunities in Türkiye. The meeting, which was overseen by Türkiye’s former Ambassador to Berlin, Avni Karslioglu, was attended by former German Ambassador to Ankara, Wolf Ruthart Born and officials from Germany’s Ministry of Economy.

“As an organization directly reporting to the Prime Ministry, ISPAT guides and directs foreign investors coming to Türkiye, providing a “one stop shop” service without dealing with red tape, ” said Ilker Ayci about the Agency’s mission of serving foreign investors. “The Agency aims to attract export-oriented, competitive investments to Türkiye, and helps foreign investors utilize Türkiye’s skilled labor force,” he added.

Noting the renewed investment incentives and simplicity of starting a business in Türkiye, Ayci invited German companies to invest in Türkiye for growth. “Türkiye’s trade volume in the last 10 years have risen from USD 31 billion to USD 134 billion, and there are investment opportunities in every corner around the country,” he said.

There are around 5,000 German companies operating in Türkiye, the highest figure for any foreign investor in the country. Türkiye and Germany enjoy a steadily growing trade relationship with the volume exceeding USD 32 billion in 2011.
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