Turkish Bilkent tech to make DVDs with 1,000 times larger capacity

Today’s Zaman - The Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM) has developed a new technology that enables DVDs to store more than a thousand times as much data as those currently on the market. The new nano-materials have been developed by Dr. Ekmel Ozbay, the head of NANOTAM, and students Ozgur Attila Cakmak and Koray Aydin. They will pave the way for production of the next era of DVDs, which will be able to store thousands of movies on a single disc. The invention by the Turkish scientists was published in one of the most prestigious physics journals, the Physical Review Letters. Dr. Ozbay said a normal DVD has a maximum capacity of 50 to 100 gigabytes and that they will increase this by at least a thousand times. “We have created a magical device which enables rays to pass through a very small point,” the NANOTAM head noted. The new technology permits a far smaller notch to be etched on the DVD surface with a wider wavelength. It is expected to offer a higher definition than the currently used advanced optical formats such as Blu-ray.