Eti predicts USD 650 million in boron exports

Today’s Zaman - Eti Maden, Turkey's state-owned boron producer, said Turkey - home to the largest boron reserves in the world - is planning some USD 650 million in boron exports by the end of 2009. Turkey continues to increase its share in the global boron market every year. The company estimated the amount of boron exports for 2008 would reach USD 500 million; however, increased orders brought this figure to USD 520 million by the end of the year. Eti said it aims to increase boron exports to USD 1 billion by 2012. Turkey holds almost 72 percent of the world's potential and estimated boron reserves, with just over three billion mt. Sixty-three countries purchase boron from Turkey, while Eti ships most of its boron production to Europe, the Far East and the US.