Minister Caglayan: Turkey is like a flower garden in attracting FDI

Zaman - Turkey’s Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan said the FDI inflow to Turkey in the first six months of 2012 increased 21 percent year-on-year to USD 8.2 billion, adding “Turkey is like a flower garden in attracting FDI.”


Commenting on the FDI inflow to Turkey during the first half of 2012, Zafer Caglayan said, “These figures are a proof that Turkey is a safe and very important haven for FDI. Turkey attracted USD 1.8 billion of FDI in June 2012. The total FDI inflow to Turkey during the January-June period of 2012 marked an increase of 21 percent compared to the same period of 2011, reaching USD 8.2 billion, up from USD 6.8 billion.”


Caglayan remarked that the capital inflow from the EU countries continued full steam ahead, saying, “77.8 percent of the FDI amount attracted during the January-June period came from the EU countries. The major investor countries during the said period include the UK with USD 2 billion, Austria with USD 1.4 billion and Luxembourg with USD 676 million.”


According to Caglayan, the manufacturing sector is the most preferred sector by foreign investors: “In the first half of 2012, the manufacturing sector attracted USD 3.1 billion of FDI, with the food and beverage sector being the major recipient.”


Based on the figures announced by Caglayan, 620 foreign companies were established, while 79 local companies were acquired by foreign capital, thus a total of 699 companies became operational in the first half of 2012. As of the end of June 2012, the number of foreign companies in Turkey reached 30,333, including the newly established ones in June.