Türkiye and Afghanistan to cooperate in energy, mining

Today’s Zaman - On Thursday, Türkiye and Afghanistan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) concerning cooperation in energy and mineral resources, the first of its kind Afghanistan has signed with another country in the field of mining.

The agreement was signed in Ankara by Türkiye’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz and Afghan Minister of Mines Wanidullah Shahrani. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Yildiz said the MoU is aiming to train Afghan officials in energy legislation and that the two countries will establish a working group on energy to seek opportunities for cooperation between the two nations.

Turkish and Afghan officials also discussed what kind of contribution Türkiye could make regarding the vast mineral reserves in Afghanistan. “A structure that will enable private sector engagement in the vast mineral riches of Afghanistan will be built,” said Yildiz.

Shahrani said the Afghan government is willing to take advantage of Türkiye’s experience in the management of resources. Shahrani said the MoU covers both hydrocarbon reserves and mineral reserves.
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