Minister Caglayan presents incentives scheme in Vienna

Zaman - Turkey moves full steam ahead with its efforts to attract more foreign capital, while the global financial crisis continues. To this end, Zafer Caglayan, Turkey’s Minister of Economy, has recently paid a visit to Austria in order to promote the new incentives scheme. The tours for the introduction of the new scheme will continue with the rest of Europe. The investment advantages offered by the incentives scheme will be presented to the Turkish businessmen and to foreign companies. During his meeting with the Turkish business community, as well as with civil society organizations, Minister Caglayan made important assessments on the new incentives scheme.


Caglayan stated that they have introduced the largest incentives package since the history of the Republic, addressing the businessmen: “You may see the summary of the new incentives scheme in German and Turkish on your desks. We will continue to be at your disposal 24 hours a day for any issues you may inquire. I and my Ministry will be pleased to serve you 24 hours a day.” Informing Turkish businessmen and foreign companies about the new scheme, the Turkish economy and the country’s targets for 2023, Caglayan said the Ministry is currently working for 2035. He stressed that they are making efforts to determine what Turkey will look like in 2035, adding, “The most important factor will be the population. If we do not have three children per family, Turkey will be in Austria’s current state.” Caglayan said he will gather with the companies, which consider investing in Turkey, in Vienna, and indicated that Austria injected the second largest direct investment amount to Turkey during the first seven months of 2012, followed by the UK.