E-commerce in Turkey more than doubles in 2007

Today's Zaman - Online shopping in Turkey for 2007 was more than twice that of 2006, with consumers spending YTL 5.5 billion in online purchases. The popularity of online shopping is growing at an incredible rate all over the world, including in Turkey, in parallel to rising computer and Internet usage, the Anatolia news agency reported. According to Interbank Card Center (BKM) data, the number of online sales transactions was 21.7 million via around 20,000 online points-of-sale (POS) in 2006. That number jumped by 150 percent in 2007 to 54.1 million transactions. Online sales transactions amounted to YTL 2.4 billion in 2006 and increased by 130 percent to YTL 5.5 billion last year. The "3D Secure" Internet security system, based on mutual confirmation between the credit card holder and the e-business, makes online shopping safer, with an increasing number of online shopping sites utilizing the system, which was developed by Visa and MasterCard. BKM officials said the 3D Secure system has removed any doubt about the safety of online shopping and that it will lead to further growth in online shopping.