Korkmaz: "Foreign investments to create jobs in months ahead"

Zaman English - Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency head Alpaslan Korkmaz has stated that foreign companies will be making new investments which will provide many employment opportunities in the months ahead. Korkmaz, whose agency functions under the Prime Ministry, told the Anatolia news agency that foreign investors in the wellness and beauty sectors are most interested in investing in the Cesme district of Izmir. “We are interested in doing a major project in Cesme. International investors in the wellness, health and beauty sector are showing a significant interest in this area. This project aims to turn Cesme into a health, beauty, spa and thermal healing center,” noted Korkmaz. Korkmaz stated that his agency is expecting to see more foreign direct investment (FDI) in projects that focus on increasing job opportunities in Turkey, which, he said, is the type of investment Turkey urgently needs. The good news, however, Korkmaz noted, is that such investment will be plentiful in the next few months. Demand for sheet metal in Turkey is growing due to the ever-expanding automotive sector in the country, he said. Korkmaz emphasized that only 3.5 million tons of sheet metal consumed in Turkey was domestically manufactured, all by the Eregli Iron & Steel Co. (Erdemir). “The sector imports 55 percent of its sheet metal from abroad. Now our objective is to manufacture this in Turkey,” said Korkmaz. He said he hoped to announce a major investment project involving a sheet metal production plant in the Black Sea region as soon as next week. Korkmaz stated that potential foreign investors in the automotive sector are also interested in setting up research and development and engineering departments. “We want foreign companies to also bring their engineering units to Turkey, and we want these services to be exported to foreign countries from Turkey because these areas in the market have a very high surplus value,” he noted.