WB President: Türkiye set the example for a successful economy

Zaman - Türkiye has set a unique example of growth during times of difficulty for the world’s major economies, according to the World Bank’s President Robert Zoellick. Türkiye’s success as one of the world’s fastest growing economies is admirable and the growth model is an example to be followed by other markets, said WB President in a press conference in Ankara, following a meeting with Türkiye’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan.

Noting that Türkiye is an important economy in its region, Zoellick said the country's economic program is “very strong” as Türkiye focused on restructuring its economy with a strategic approach. The World Bank head also recalled that Türkiye has implemented very important structural reforms in its economy since 2002. Underscoring that there is an increasing interest in Türkiye's economic achievements, not only in its region but also in global markets, Zoellick praised Türkiye's growth success.

Türkiye’s GDP grew 11 percent in the first quarter, making the country the world’s fastest growing economy for the period. The country experienced an 8.9 percent growth in 2010, also a significant feat, while many developed economies had experienced downturns. Türkiye’s 2011 growth will reach 8.7 percent according to IMF forecasts.
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