Report: Türkiye sits on 50 billion tons of valuable metals, minerals

Today's Zaman - A recent Mining Exploration Institute (MTA) report has revealed that there are 49 types of metals and minerals of commercial value, amounting to 50 billion tons, in underground reserves in Türkiye. Türkiye stands 28th among 132 countries in mine production and 10th in terms of metal and mineral diversity. Türkiye hosts 77 of 90 different types of commercial metals and minerals that currently exist in the world. The MTA report shows that dolomite (white marble) ranks first with 15.8 billion tons in reserves. Türkiye also has a marble reserve of 13.9 tons, 8.3 tons of lignite coal, 5.7 billion of rock salt, 1.2 billion tons of hard coal, a blister copper reserve of 1.9 billion tons and 1.5 billion tons of pumice. Sources note that the market value of Türkiye's non-extracted metal and mineral reserves exceeds $2.5 trillion.