Türkiye, fastest growing country in Mercedes network

Zaman - In the past three years, Türkiye has managed to become Europe’s fastest growing country in German luxury carmaker Mercedes’s automobile sales. The company aims to sell a total of around 35,000 cars this year, including 15,000 passenger cars, and it has also ambitious plans for the next two-to-three years. Suer Sulun, Mercedes-Benz Türkiye’s Sales and Marketing Director, said they will reach their sales target of 15,000 cars despite the surge of the Euro-Turkish lira parity, thus continuing their ongoing uptrend since 2008. Sulun said they have also reached their all-time highest sales figures in truck and bus sectors, and that they will achieve a total sales figure of 35,000 cars by year-end. Sulun said Türkiye has the potential for the sales of over 60,000 cars within a couple of years, on the back of Daimler’s recently developed new small diesel engine and small light commercial vehicles.


Sulun said Türkiye has become Europe’s fastest growing country in the past three years within the Mercedes network, and added, “With a growth rate of 35 percent in the first half of the year, we secured first place among European countries excluding Russia. The Netherlands ranked second, with a growth rate of 22 percent. We are listed in the global top-five, in terms of growth rate. We have increased our position in sales figures to 6th place, up from 12th.” Sulun also said that Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler-Mercedes, recently visited Türkiye on the occasion of the Aksaray truck factory’s 25th year anniversary, coming together with 150 global top managers and that he spoke highly of Türkiye’s performance.

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