Europe's largest solar panel factory to be opened in Türkiye

Today’s Zaman - Ahmet Arslan, General Manager of AYT Group’s energy division, has announced that the EUR 300 million solar panel manufacturing plant in Kutahya's Tavsanli district will be fully operational by June 2010. Once completed, the plant will be the largest solar panel-producing facility in Europe. Arslan also noted that the factory, which is being established in a 50:50 partnership between AYT and the German Sitizn Group Holding AG, will be the first solar panel-producing plant in Türkiye. "The factory will not produce for the Turkish domestic market alone but is eyeing consumers all around the world. Due to our country’s close proximity to European markets, our facilities will provide an advantage in freight time and cost", Arslan noted. The German company has all the required patents and licenses in solar technology, the General Manager underlined. He further added that the partners are planning to combine three different high technology procedures of solar energy panel manufacturing -- monocrystal, polycrystal and thin-film -- under a single roof at their Tavsanli manufacturing plant. The factory will initially employ 250 people, and the number of workers will increase to 750 by 2013.