Turkey to hold nuclear power plant tender today

Today’s Zaman - Turkey will hold a tender to construct its first nuclear power plant today. Turkey's Electricity Trade Corp. (TETAS) will hold its fourth tender for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu region of the southern province of Mersin. The previous three tenders for the construction of a nuclear power plant failed. TETAS will continue collecting bids for the tender till 2 p.m. today, and start opening bids at 2:30 p.m. Turkish, Canadian, Japanese, French, Russian, South Korean, Chinese, Dutch and German firms are interested in the tender. TETAS may extend the tender process in case firms do not submit bids for the tender. The firm that promises to sell the cheapest electricity to the state for 15 years will win the tender. Turkey prefers building a nuclear power plant to reduce energy dependence on foreign countries and acquire the cleanest energy, and aims to raise the share of nuclear power plants in electricity generation to minimum 8% by 2020, and 20% by 2030.