Turkish call center industry reaches 20 pct. annual growth

Zaman – The support center industry in Turkey has reached an annual growth rate of 20 percent with a total turnover of TRY 1.2 billion (Approx. USD 760 million) in 2010. As one of the key branches of the services sector gaining in importance, the support center sector has added 45,000 new employees to their labor pool in the past year alone.

Offering services to banks, telecom providers, IT businesses and telemarketing companies, support centers or call centers, provide valuable help and assistance to users and consumers over the wires. “The booming call center industry in Turkey continued its rapid growth in 2010” said Bahadir Pekkan, Chairman of Call Centers Association of Turkey adding that the sector received over TRY 250 million of investments in the last 5 years, a fifth of which going to Eastern and Southeastern regions of Turkey, creating thousands of jobs.

Talking about the future prospects for the call center industry, Pekkan said that the sector is expected to grow over 100 percent in volume and will be employing 85,000 people in a matter of 5 years.
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