“Rich gold potential to serve as cure for Turkish economy”

Today’s Zaman - Turkey has a rich potential for gold mining and this will contribute significantly to the economy, said Mehmet Yilmaz, the General Manager of TUPRAG Metal Mining, a company operating Usak's Kisladag gold mines. During his speech in Ankara on Sunday, Yilmaz said Kisladag is the largest gold mine in Europe and that gold mining could significantly contribute to the economy. He went on to say that if the country's reserves are used properly and efficiently, Turkey could mine some 100 mt of gold per year in the near future. According to Yilmaz, this translates into USD 1.5 billion in annual gold production - an amount enough to cure the country's economic problems. He also underlined the fact that TUPRAG provides job opportunities for people in the region, while his company attaches priority to issues such as the potential damage to human life and environment.