Work permits for foreigners to be processed in one month

Today’s Zaman - The Ministry of Labor and Social Security says the processing time for work permits for foreigners -- currently taking at least seven to eight months -- will be reduced to only one month. According to the Anatolian news agency, since assuming his position, the Labor and Social Security Minister Omer Dincer has been working to increase the efficiency of the ministry, developing a more effective model for its functioning. Dincer established a commission headed by an academic to deal with this issue as soon as he took office. The committee has reportedly completed its preliminary studies and issued a report of recommendations to Dincer that, upon implementation, would make for a much smoother work permit process. The measures outlined in the report include the respective decrease and increase in the number of certain branches within the divisions that process work permit applications, enabling better service in some areas and decreasing bureaucracy in others. In addition, more personnel have been allocated to the permit processing divisions in order to ensure that a reasonable timeframe is adhered to evaluating applications. The report also recommends a number of changes to streamline the process and make sure that little is left to individual employees in terms of evaluating applications. Dincer told the Anatolian news agency that the new system to be implemented will minimize bureaucratic obstacles and that he will be personally following the developments to ensure that the new system works and is enforced. “Even though the law gives us a period of three months, with the new measures, we will respond either positively or negatively to permit requests within one month”, he said. The new system is slated for 2010.