Energy industry received over USD 5 billion of investments in 2010

Today’s Zaman - Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz said on Thursday that energy investments corresponding to 3,500 MWs were added to Türkiye’s installed capacity in 2010, worth approximately USD 5 billion.

"I thank the private sector for its investments," said Yildiz, while addressing the opening of a conference on "Energy Policies in Türkiye towards 2030 and the Future of Energy Regulations" held in Ankara Hilton Hotel by the Association of Energy Experts. Yildiz thanked all investors who contributed to the growth, development and supply security of Türkiye and wanted continuation of the investments. "The private sector makes investments in places where it sees stability and profit. Türkiye provided the private sector with the necessary conditions," he added.
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