Istanbul set to host Eurasia Economic Summit in May

Today's Zaman - The 12th Eurasia Economic Summit will take place in Istanbul, the Marmara Group Foundation, the event's organizer, announced on Sunday. According to a press release issued by the foundation, the summit will be held on May 6-8 with the participation of 41 countries. A wide range of topics, including energy issues, energy security and cooperation, the global financial crisis, global and regional cooperation, tourism, ecology, environment and global warming will be discussed. As part of the energy issues, integrated approaches in gas pipeline projects such as the Nabucco Project and the transport of Caspian gas to Italy via Turkey and Greece will be taken up in detail. Croatia and Kosovo are also expected to attend the summit this year. Also, former presidents of various countries will brainstorm new ways to overcome the global financial crisis at a meeting titled "Gathering of Wise Men from the Baltic to the Black Sea and from the Black Sea to Central Asia." A total of 24 ministers, as well as three deputy prime ministers and a parliament speaker, will also attend the summit.