"You will not regret investing in Turkey", says Minister of Finance

Today’s Zaman - Minister of Finance Kemal Unakitan has called on entrepreneurs from the Gulf region to invest in Turkey rather than developed markets, which are in the grip of the ongoing financial crisis. "Otherwise your money will vapourise," he warned a group of Saudi businessmen. Speaking at a meeting of the Turkey-Saudi Arabia Joint Economic Committee in Ankara this week, Unakitan focused primarily on the importance of enhancing mutual commercial relations and improving cooperation between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. "In these sensitive days, it has become more important to boost cooperation and increase trade between the two countries," he said. He urged entrepreneurs to come and invest in Turkey rather than putting their money in European and US markets, since Turkey has become a safe haven for entrepreneurs by having so far stayed clear of the adverse effects of the turbulence. "You will not regret investing in Turkey," he stressed.