Chinese carmaker Chery to launch production in Turkey

Today’s Zaman - Chery, one of China's leading carmakers, is preparing to produce its Kimo, Tiggo and Alia models in Turkey through cooperation with the Mermerler Group. Chery Group's Deputy President Zhou Biren and Murat Mermer, the deputy president of the Mermerler Group, its Turkish distributor, held a joint press conference for Turkish reporters who are in Beijing for the 10th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2008). Biren stated Chery attached great importance to Turkey in the process of building its image since it is a big market and is strategically located as a bridge between Asian and Europe. "Turkey is the most important country for us. Being successful in Turkey will for us be a benchmark of our success in Europe. This is because Turkish customers have similar tastes to customers in the EU. For this reason, Turkey is the first step toward entering the European markets. If Chery can be successful there, it will be easier for us to jump to Europe from there, which is our primary goal," said Biren. He indicated that Mermerler had been conducting feasibility studies, which Chery would then use to decide its level of investment in Turkey. Mermer explained that his group had been working hard to find land for facilities to be established in Adapazari and Bursa and that they would need at least 500 acres of land for the initial project.