Global tech giants in line for Fatih Project

Zaman - Turkey’s nationwide education initiative that involves providing millions of tablet PCs to primary school students has lined up the global tech industry’s leading names for a share of the USD 8 billion project.

The Fatih Project, aimed at raising the quality of education in public schools through increasing computerization, has become a “matter of prestige” for the IT industry’s well-known brands, making their headquarters to issue instructions to their regional offices in Turkey to step up efforts.

At least 30 IT companies including Samsung, Nokia, Intel and Sony have expressed interest in the project, according to Turkey’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun. The tender specifications demand increasing levels of local production during the course of the project. At least 40 percent of the tablet PCs for students and electronic boards to equip classrooms will be procured locally in the first year of implementation. The second and third years of the project will see the local production share rise to 60 and 80 percent, respectively.

The company to win the tender will be in a position to sell about 25 million tablet PCs in a period of 10 years, said Minister Ergun. The tender specifications will guarantee the maximum amount of local contribution to this project, carrying an enormous value for Turkey’s IT industry, the Minister added.
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