Companies line up for energy investment in Türkiye

Today's Zaman - The gradually increasing liberalization of the energy market, the formation of established standards, the need for 4,000 megawatts of additional electricity every year, the expected privatization of public electricity facilities and the incentives for energy investments are all attractive factors that are making major companies pour capital into this business. All in all, analysts are expecting that the energy market will be full steam ahead thanks to the tough competition that is arising in this atmosphere. The interest in this business is very scattered, however, since there are numerous options for interested companies. From the construction of nuclear power plants and new hydroelectricity power plants, to building refineries and investing in thermal plants, investors are analyzing their opportunities. The need for $130 billion of investment in energy by 2020 to avoid falling short of rising demand is the main underlying factor that creates a feasible ground for these companies dreaming of turning major profits in the energy sector. It is already a known fact that domestic investors are conducting partnership talks with foreign companies to share their financial burdens for the construction and operation of nuclear plants. Throughout 2007, a number of major Turkish companies announced their interest in the energy market.