German Röder completes investment in Türkiye despite crisis

Today’s Zaman - Röder, one of Germany's leading firms in the portable tent sector, has completed the construction of a EUR 10 million production facility in Türkiye despite the ongoing global financial turbulence. The firm's chairman, Rüdiger Blasius, said that the new facility in Duzce was the company's biggest plant to date. He stated that they chose Türkiye for this massive project because they considered the country a base for trade and production. He noted that about 90 percent of the facility's output would be exported. "We were encouraged by the convenience that the Turkish government afforded us. There are numerous incentives for foreign entrepreneurs here. Unfortunately, many German companies are unaware of this fact. We regard Türkiye as a bridge between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Turkic republics. That's why we're investing in this country no matter how difficult the crisis is" he emphasized.