Investment Office Attends Globalturk Capital’s Webinar on Türkiye’s Investment Environment

​​​​​Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu participated in a webinar entitled “Investment Environment in Türkiye Going Forward - Government's Perspective" on June 12th that was organized by Globalturk Capital and attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Fatih Kacır and Deputy Minister of Trade Mr. Rıza Tuna Turagay.

Dağlıoğlu provided an overview of the measures being taken by the Turkish government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized that Türkiye's success has now been recognized both internationally and academically.

“Türkiye was not caught unprepared. Türkiye has been massively investing in its healthcare infrastructure by building gigantic modern city hospitals through public private partnerships. It is worth mentioning that international funds and institutions, such as Meridiam, EBRD, and IFC, have played an important role in Türkiye's healthcare PPP projects," he added.

Dağlıoğlu also pointed out that President Erdoğan prioritized fighting this pandemic through healthcare measures while ensuring that the economy was minimally disrupted. Türkiye strived to keep economic activity alive while taking all necessary measures against COVID-19.

“Although the negative impact of the pandemic on some of the industries is more severe in the short-term, more opportunities could emerge in the medium and long terms," said Dağlıoğlu.  “In fact, private equity investors consider such difficult times as an opportunity. As seen in previous crises, those who invest aggressively during and after a crisis are likely to yield stronger returns."​​​

Image from Investment Office and Globalturk Capital's Webinar
President Burak Dağlıoğlu; Fatih Kacır; Rıza Tuna Turagay; Globalturk Capital