​​​​​​This Cookie Policy applies for the official website of the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and sets forth the principles regarding the use of cookies 

By using the website and giving your consent to the cookie policy, you also approve the use of cookies in accordance with this policy and the processing of your data, which may also include your personal data at times, within the scope of this policy. If you do not want the cookies to be used in this manner, you may reject the use of cookies and modify your browser's settings. Please note that disabling the cookies we use may impact your user experience on our website. 

What Is a Cookie?​

Cookies are small text files or bits of information/data that belong to the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey or to third parties and that are stored on your device when you visit the website, aiming to ensure smooth operation of the website, enhance your user experience, improve the website, and offer a relevant and personalized website/application. The cookies collect information about your use of the website. They facilitate the use of the Internet by saving the user's progress and preferences about a website.

The cookies typically include the name of the website from which they are collected, the useful lifetime of cookies (how long they would be stored on your device), and a unique number which is generally created randomly. They also help the website to remember your preferences on your next visit. 

Purpose of Using Cookies

Cookies are used for the purposes of recognizing you on your next visit to our website and to offer you a personalized browsing experience with content customized according to your expectations and areas of interest. Cookies help to improve the user experience on our website and also aid in creating traffic statistics.

The data collected by means of cookies are not used to identify you. On the other hand, together with other data, the cookies may be used to identify the device and the person who uses or who is related with the device. In this scope, the cookies may be considered as personal data. However, in any case, the cookies are not used for any objectives other than those listed in this policy or in the Information Text on Personal Data Processing. By accepting the use of cookies, you consent to the processing of your personal data under the General Clarification Text on Processing of Personal Data​ and this policy.

Accepting the cookies is not required for the use of our website; nevertheless, it provides you a better user experience. You may delete or block any cookies apart from mandatory ones, but in that case the website may fail to function as required. As mentioned above, the use of mandatory cookies may be required for the functioning of the website or the mobile application. Therefore, if blocked in the browser settings, the entire website or certain parts of the website may fail.

The cookies from third party websites may also be stored in your device in order to personalize and enhance the content to be provided to you during your visit of our website.​ 

Control of Cookies

The cookies are not designed to collect any data or any other personal information from your device's main storage or e-mail account. The browsers may have been set for accepting cookies by default. Users may change browser settings accordingly to ensure cookies do not arrive or that they are alerted when they are sent. It shall be considered that the visitor or user explicitly accepts the use of cookies unless the relevant settings are not changed.

You may change these settings to delete, block any existing cookies, or to receive an alert whenever they are sent to your device. You may locate the related settings through the corresponding function of your browser. If your browser settings do not accept cookies, you will be required to resubmit your information anytime you visit our website, and certain services on the website may fail to function properly. You may fail to display certain parts of the website or you may not be able to access any information customized for you when you visit the website.​​