<p>USD 24.7 billion ​​​</p>

USD 24.7 billion ​​​

​Total value of the Turkish ICT market in 2022.



​​Average growth of the Turkish ICT sector on a TRY basis in the past 5 years.​


​​Number of active companies in the Turkish ICT sector.​


Number of employees in the Turkish ICT sector. (70% are younger than age 35) ​

<p>70% ​<br></p>

70% ​

Smartphone possession rate in Türkiye in 2022. (​14th globally)



​​Number of R&D centers in Türkiye.
<p>81,500+ ​​<br></p>

81,500+ ​​

​​Number of employees in​ R&D centers in Türkiye.​
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Türkiye's information and communication technologies (ICT) sector has become an essential part of the economy with exports reaching USD 3,44 billion to the EU, MENA, Asian, and North American regions. Türkiye's primary export destination, the EU, receives the majority of Türkiye's ICT exports in software, hardware, equipment, and services.

With an estimate of USD 19 ​billion worth of international investments attracted since the early 2000s, Türkiye's employment in the sector has surpassed 213,000. Today, almost 50 percent of employment in the ICT sector is R&D personnel, and 70 percent of those employed in the sector are younger than 35.

Türkiye's talent pool is further supported by an increasing number of university graduates in engineering and ICT fields. In 2022 alone, the number of graduates in the specified fields passed 100,000. The availability of a qualified workforce and modest labor costs continue to make Türkiye a competitive country in the region.​

As the ICT sector is considered a priority sector by the Turkish government, various initiatives have been taken to promote investments in the area. The greatest indicator of these efforts is the R&D Law, first introduced in 2008 and then revised in 2016, entailing the government's support areas in R&D and introducing an incentives package. The incentives package includes corporate tax exemptions, VAT exemptions, social security premium support, and more.