<p>​USD 250 billion​<br></p>

​USD 250 billion​

​Total amount invested in the transportation and logistics sub-sectors in Türkiye between 2003-2022



​Share of railway investments out of the total volume of investments earmarked for logistics and transportation in Türkiye in 2024

<p>​1.5 billion tons<br></p>

​1.5 billion tons

Estimated total freight tonnage in Türkiye by 2035



Türkiye's rank among the top 50 emerging economies in the logistics sector in 2023


Well-endowed with a strategic location, Türkiye lies at the nexus of a global market with a trade volume of around USD 7 trillion that includes Europe, Africa, Central Asian countries, and Russia. Within a 4-hour flight radius, Türkiye rests well within reach of 67 countries with a total GDP of USD 28 trillion and a combined consumer base with a USD 1.6-billion worth of purchasing power. 

In future years, population growth in South East Asia and Africa is set to outpace anywhere else in the world, international trade is expected to increase, and the center of gravity of global trade is slated to shift towards Asia. 

Increasing population and trade are projected to speed up the demand for transportation and logistics services, presumed to nearly double in 2050 relative to the levels seen today. 

Türkiye is committed to beefing up its infrastructure investments in the transportation and logistics industries to strengthen and further enhance its current position in global trade. These investments are implemented in line with current global trends in the industry such as urbanization, sustainability, environmental awareness, connectivity to major markets and next-generation transportation.

Some of Türkiye’s short- and medium-term goals in the logistics sector are as follows:

  • Increasing the number of logistics centers on a national scale and adopting effective business management in these centers
  • Lining up among the top 10 countries in the Logistics Performance Index rankings
  • Developing and expanding the dry port system
  • Positioning Türkiye as a logistics hub in the middle corridor
  • Supporting digital transformation
  • Speeding up customs control processes and boosting their efficiency
In addition to these short- and medium-term goals, Türkiye has also set its eyes on becoming a pioneer and leader country on a regional and a global scale with the development of transportation and logistics systems that comply with the principles of economic growth, high value-added production, export-oriented approaches, as well as the principles of integrity, sustainability, trust allocation and efficiency.​